Appearance:White powder


Molecular structure:image.png

Molecular weight:368.47

Shelf life:three years

Molecular formula: C22H28N2O3

CAS Number: 57227-09-5

Usage:Pharmaceutical intermediates,it is used in the production of tiroamide hydrochloride, which can treat stomach cramps.

Description: BTP is an important intermediate in the synthesis of Tiroamide hydrochloride. Tiroamide hydrochloride is considered as an effective spasmodic and has been widely used in the treatment of acute spasmodic pain, hepatobiliary colic, abdominal colic, ureteral colic, etc. It is effective in the contraction caused by chemical stimulation, but has little effect on vascular smooth muscle. Pharmacological effects of the smooth muscle relaxation activity of Tirolamide hydrochloride are associated with increased intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels and inhibition of Ca2+ inflow in tissues. Because of its inhibitory effect on the cardiovascular system, Tirolamide is usually administered orally rather than via an extragenteral route. The data showed that the final half-life of Tirolamide hydrochloride was between 2.34 and 2.61 hours, and that Tirolamide was detected in most patients after 0.33 hours of oral administration with a Tmax of 1.22-1.43 hours, indicating very rapid absorption of Tirolamide hydrochloride.