Hydroxypivalic acid

Appearance:White crystalline powder


Molecular structure:image.png

Molecular weight:118.13

Shelf life:two years

Molecular formula:C5H10O3

CAS Number:4835-90-9

Usage:Pharmaceutical intermediates which can be used to synthesize tomeglovir.Tomeglovir is a novel nonnucleosidic inhibitor of human cytomegalovirus replication.

Description:Hydroxypivalic acid is a pesticide intermediate, pharmaceutical intermediate, resin synthesis intermediate.Hydroxypivalic acid is an intermediate for the synthesis of the herbicide (also known as isoxazolone), chemically known as 2 - (2-chlorobenzyl) - 4,4-dimethyl-3-isoxazolone, which is widely used in soybean, peanut, potato and other crops as a pigment inhibiting herbicide. It inhibits the production of chlorophyll and chlorophyll protective pigments in plants, causing plants to die in a short period of time. It has high herbicide and yield increasing effects, and is a promising non-toxic and pollution-free pesticide.Hydroxypivalic acid is also a functional chemical used in the production of PU and PE resins.